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Project Development

Green Window Group LLC serves as general contractors and we provide hands on management of the entire project life cycle.   

Equipment Planning

Equipment Planning & Procurement

We manage all logistics during the medical equipment planning for Ambulatory Surgical Hospitals, ER’s and Hospitals.  

Construction Management

Construction Administration

Our team works with architects to ensure work performed by a General Contractor conforms to the contract documents.  

Problem Solvers. Thought Leaders

We have developed, managed and constructed millions of square feet of corporate, hospital and healthcare spaces.
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Management Owners Representative Services

Our Principals have developed, managed and constructed millions of square feet of corporate, hospital and healthcare spaces. We understand the complexity and we provide solutions to keep your project in budget and on schedule. We can assist you throughout the lifecycle of the project, from inception to close out, including ensuring the right Developer, Architecture and Engineering team, and General Contractor is on board from the beginning of the project. We provide full financial analysis along the way to make the best decisions in light of the financial constraints of the project.

Space Planning & Move Coordination

Our project management experts provide full analysis of your furniture assets and create a complete visual and written “move map” to include the new floor-prints and furniture plans. We have been told that we provide the best, most efficient move coordination our clients have ever encountered. We also manage your entire move process, from preparation to completion. We also partner with your IT professionals to manage IT continuity and telephony so that your move is seamless with no downtime.

General Contractor

We have sat on the other side of the table and we are well equipped to manage the the issues Owners face when it comes to developing and building out your space. We analyze your strengths and weaknesses and can help you with your presentations. In addition, we also assist with your marketing endeavors and Qualifications Statements to make your firm stand out from the crowd. Our team provides new insights and ideas for contributing meaningful elements and historical significance to your designs and presentations.

Architecture & Engineering Consulting

Hospital environments are mission critical for patient health and safety. We recognize that good design, planning, construction and execution becomes an integral part of the patient’s healing experience. Our architectural and engineering services provide your team with the best value that is realized in both monies and time saved by averting many problems and by solving the rest elegant solutions.

Story About US

A “Green Window” is a unique opportunity to accomplish something great. That is the goal of all our projects.  We focus on exceeding expectations and delivering a great project. We provide real world solutions to complicated problems.  We provide leadership and guide the project team to solve the problems encountered during the construction process in the most expeditious, cost-effective way and our decades of experience contribute to the solutions. Our expert staff manage the most complicated projects and keep them moving forward on budget and on target.

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